Undaunted - Goucher's time for bold action

Same Spirit. New Determination.

Goucher’s [UNDAUNTED]TM campaign will continue to spark moments that unlock ideas, breed creativity, and invigorate learning. Moments that challenge students to venture outside the familiar and comfortable. Moments that will change everything.

The Goucher of the future

With this comprehensive campaign, we’ll do more than stand up a building. We’ll stand up for the moments of discovery and confidence that will shape our students’ destinies. The stakes have never been higher for a new generation seeking a balanced, rewarding, and transformative educational experience. Yes, the human race faces significant challenges. Yes, society will expect our graduates to answer world-changing questions — questions that have not even been asked yet.

Our graduates will be ready.

This is our case for Goucher’s bold new future.


Our campaign’s core parts are all in sync–supporting and reinforcing each other and the college. More importantly, the remaining priorities shift the focus from constructing buildings to what matters most: our people and the moments of discovery that happen within those buildings.

Science Research Center

Science Research Center

An addition to the Hoffberger Science Building, the Science Research Center will create an exciting environment for interdisciplinary learning, provide our students with state-of-the-art resources, and further our legacy as leaders in the sciences.


Professorships are the exemplar of academic achievement and legacy. For Goucher College, they signal a rigorous pursuit of excellence and are emblematic of visionary sustainability that will allow our institution and community to thrive.

Photos of professor in lab and graduates
Photos of outdoor classroom and art studio


Scholarships provide a direct and meaningful source of support to our students. By easing financial pressures, scholarships allow recipients to embrace academic discovery and pursue their dreams fully.


Current Amount

$75 Million


$100 Million

Completed Projects

Since launching our $100M comprehensive campaign in 2015, we have successfully moved Froelicher Hall and built state-of-the-art facilities like the First-Year Village, Mary Fisher Dining Center, and the Evelyn Dyke Schroedl ’62 Tennis Center. And, we have sparked a multitude of moments in the process, from shared late-night meals in the dining halls to the victory on the tennis court to the first timid night at college with a new roommate. These are the buildings that are already inspiring new beginnings and unlocking new ideas.

News & Updates


Our moments define us.

There comes a time when there are hardships. But with the help of your community, you find the strength to make change happen where it’s needed.

Charity Broussard '17

Dancer & Choreographer

My father thought a woman should get married and stay at home.

Mildred Dunnock '22

Academy Award Nominated Actress

Every career has risks. Especially if it matters to you. Choosing Goucher was a leap. But they made it a homecoming.

Phong Le '03

Associate Professor of Mathematics & Community-Based Learning Faculty Coordinator

Same Spirit. New Determination.

Same Spirit.
New Determination.

Stand with us. Stand for us.

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