Froelicher Hall Relocation

If These Walls Could Talk

We each carry Goucher—as a place and a concept—forward with us in unexpected ways. Maybe a long-term professional path was awakened during a conversation in a hallway. Or, perhaps a defining relationship was sparked through a chance encounter in a common area. Fitting, then, that the initial phase of our campaign was to carry the actual site of those moments forward into a new context. The memories in Frolelicher Hall run deep, and, unlike traditional campaigns, our aim is not to erase our past. We took it with us.

Froelicher Hall relocation
Before After

Sustainably Audacious

Froelicher Hall’s relocation marked one of the largest and fasted building relocations to ever take place on a college campus, with each hall weighing nearly 1,200 tons and taking two days each to move. Committed to environmental sustainability, the amount of building materials saved by reusing Froelicher was considerable compared to mew materials and energy that would have been required to rebuild.

Memories for the Future

Now nestled in its new spot, the hallways of Froelicher are ready to inspire the next round of moments by future Gophers, building on all the memories made by alumnae/i.

Same Spirit. New Determination.

Same Spirit.
New Determination.

Stand with us. Stand for us.

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